About the GLSA

The Graduate Linguistics Students Association is a non-profit organization run by the graduate students in the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Linguistics Department.

GLSA Publications is the publications division of the GLSA, and is primarily responsible for producing:
  • The Proceedings of the North-Eastern Linguistics Society (NELS) Conference
  • University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics (UMOPs)
  • Dissertations by UMass students


GLSA Publications is a non-profit organization.  Proceeds are used to fund running costs, conference-related expenses, and graduate students' tuition.  As such, we welcome donations to support our work. To inquire about how to donate, please contact us at glsa@linguist.umass.edu or glsa.umass@gmail.com.

Current Projects

We are currently changing many aspects of the infrastructure of GLSA Publications.  We have currently implemented:

  • Scanned PDFs of Older NELS Publications
  • Hardcopies of newer publications available through Createspace and Amazon
A long-term project is to eventually have all of our older publications available as scanned PDFs. Please be patient while we continue to update our publications database. If you would like to know when/whether a particular publication is due to be released as a PDF, please don't hesitate to contact us.