Welcome to the GLSA Publications Website

GLSA is the Graduate Linguistic Student Association of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We produce and sell publications in linguistics, including:
  • The proceedings of the North-Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS)
  • The Semantics of Under-represented Languages in the Americas (SULA)
  • University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics (UMOP)
  • Dissertations by linguistics students at the University of Massachusetts
What's New

We are in the process of making older titles currently sold as PDFs available in an open access format.
Older titles are available as PDF copies and can be ordered directly from the GLSA. Newer volumes are sold through Amazon, and titles are listed in this site with links to their pages on Amazon.com. Recent titles are directly linked below:

Contact Info

Graduate Linguistic Student Association (GLSA)
Department of Linguistics
N408 Integrative Learning Center
University of Massachusetts
650 North Pleasant Street
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